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Google Home, The Smart Google Assistant Can Now Assist You While Cooking Food


Google is constantly working to launch the most interesting, multi-user support for the Google Home smart speaker. Google Home is competing with its rival Amazon Echo and surely this new feature will be an outstanding one.

On April 26, Google Home the smart speaker will help users in the kitchen during cooking food. For instance, cooking tasty food along with your favorite music simultaneously sound interesting and this is possible by using Google Assistant on Google Home.

Google Home is equipped with more than five million new recipes and can help you in cooking by telling easy steps, you can also ask them questions. Users just have to fire commands like start cooking, repeat steps and move to the next step which is quite simple.

The recipes that are present in Google Home have been selected from Bon Appetite, The New York Times, Food Network to name a few. These reciting recipes will be helpful for home cooks and those who need to refer to recipes while cooking.

How To Use The Google Home?

Step 1: Choose a recipe. Visit Google Assistant on your Android device or you can search for the recipe online and then tap “Send to Google Home button”. The recipe gets saved to your device.

Step 2: Once you are about to cook, fire a command “Ok, Google start recipe” or “Ok, Google start cooking”.

Step 3: Be ready with the cooking ingredients. While cooking if you forget some steps just say, “Ok Google repeat recipe” or “Ok Google repeats step 3”.

Step 4: While you are cooking, you can also enjoy the music, ask about the conversions like a teaspoon to tablespoon etc. These tasks will not interfere with each other.

Step 5: Finally, the dish is ready and you can enjoy it.

Although reciting recipe functionality is present in the Amazon Echo, it does not have the ability to choose a particular recipe from a number of recipes. This new feature will be available for all users from next week.

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