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Scientists Use Zika Virus for Brain Cancer Treatment

Scientists may find a breakthrough in treating brain cancer. A team of scientists in U.K is planning to test if Zika virus can help to cure brain cancer. Read more.


The deadly Zika virus can prove to help in treating patients suffering from brain cancer. Scientists in the U.K. are planning to test whether the Zika infection can battle brain cancer by attacking its cells, conceivably opening up new possibilities to treat such life-threatening diseases. According to Reuters, the main focus will be on glioblastoma, which is the most well-known type of brain cancer and has a five-year survival rate of 5 percent.

The Zika infection causes serious birth abnormalities in an unborn baby when infected during pregnancy by harming the growth cells in the cerebrum of the baby. Be that as it may, the disease does not have such damaging effects on a completely developed brain, recommending that if researchers can bridle the infection’s capacity to attack the growth cells, which are like developing cerebrum stem cells, then the healthy brain tissue will not be affected.

Harry Bulstrode, a lead analyst at Cambridge University, stated, in an announcement to Reuters that the research team is adopting an alternate strategy, and will utilize these new bits of knowledge to check whether the infection can be unleashed against one of such fatal diseases like cancer.

Scientists will utilize tumor cells in mice to test the infection, and expectation that it will moderate tumor development. Bulstrode further added that in the event that the scientists can take in lessons from Zika’s capacity to cross the blood-mind boundary and target cerebrum stem cells specifically, we could hold the way to future medicines. Dynamic flare-ups of the mosquito-borne ailment were accounted for in no less than 51 nations and domains, with pregnant ladies encouraged to keep away from getting in contact with the alleged infection “hotbeds”. Zika has been related with neurological issue including cerebrum and spinal string diseases.